Spalon Techniques, LLC, is dedicated to Spa and Salon Owners who wish to grow their business.  We provide proven Systems to implement in their business, along with equipment, products and services that will meet the needs and wants of their clients.  With our superior training and consultation, Day Spa and Salon Owners discover how  easy and effective these Systems, once implemented, will attract new customers and generate greater client retention.  Ultimately implementing these proven systems can continually double your profits.

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I thought I might follow up a bit with my last post.  I want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to have control over your business and your income.

Yes, getting new customers into your business is very important for growth.  However, it is very expensive to continually use outside marketing sources.  Having the right “In House” Systems in place will guarantee you a way to turn those new customers into happy clients and keep them coming back more often and for long term.  Plus, get more new first time customers because your current happy clients are referring them to you.

If you haven’t already, please allow me to send you the systems I used to grow my “Spalon” thereby saving you time and money from trying to figure it all out on your own.  These systems are proven, quick and easy to implement and highly profitable.

I like to call it, “The System That Works” ….. Get the FREE Videos NOW!

Get New Customers

by Andrea

The one thing I understood more than anything on how to get new customers was to market, market, market and then market some more.

After all, you are not really in the day spa business or the salon business….you are in the business of “marketing” of your day spa or salon.

There are many different ways to get new clients, repeat business and to stay focused. Here are some of the ways to help you get that new customer, turn them into a happy client and keep and maintain control of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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cExceptional Customer ServiceCustomer service is the foundation and the backbone for any business. Without customers there is no business. However, exceptional customer service is also the heart and soul, as well as the foundation and backbone.

Owning a salon or spa and being in the health and beauty industry, customer service, and I mean outstanding, exceptional customer service, is vital to the growth of your business.  Do you follow these rules?

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Sales Lesson From a Vegetable Peeler

Business Building

Sales lesson from a vegetable peeler may seem a bit crazy. Why would you, a Spa and Salon owner, give two hoots about a vegetable peeler? All too often we expect our new customers and even our loyal clients just to buy whatever it is we are trying to sell to them.   We tell them […]

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