“I invented body wraps.”  Umm, excuse me, but if you hear or read that when you are looking for a body wrap product I suggest you walk away from whomever is touting that line.  According to much research and even a general search for information on body wrapping, you will find that healing body wraps have been around for a very long time.

I always get asked “do body wraps work?”

There is evidence dating as far back as 25 BC that suggests the men and women of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece indulged in various spa treatments for health and beauty.  All three empires were well known for their physicians and advanced healing methods.  As information about Chinese herbalism made its way into their culture, the physicians began experimenting with the use of herbs for healing purposes as well as beauty treatments.

Herbs that were noted for healing the skin were made into pastes or mixed with rich mineral clays and were applied to the entire body as a health and beauty treatment.  Along with her daily bath in milk and honey, Cleopatra was reported to have used these body treatments to keep her skin clear, soft and young looking.

The Romans and Greeks would use tubs filled with different temperatures of water, essential oils, flower petals, herbs and more in order to rejuvenate their skin and enhance their beauty.

The Egyptians were very enamored with different scents and the effect they had on the body and spirit.  There was even a god dedicated to perfume:  Nefertem, the “Lord of the Nose.”  Our modern day use of aromatherapy stems from the Egyptians’ study in combating stress, restoring beauty, health and tranquility through the use of scented oils and herbs.

In the middle ages, spa centers were constructed around mineral springs and natural hot springs.  The springs were said to have special healing powers and people would not only bathe in these waters, but would drink from them as well.  Saunas and steam rooms came into play during the years of the Renaissance Era throughout Europe.  This was referred to as “sweat bathing” and it was believed to cleanse the body and the spirit of illness and all things negative.  Today we also seek out infrared body treatments to help with detox and even weight loss (yes, infrared helps with weight loss!).

People worldwide still benefit from the ancient beauty rituals along with various new spa treatments to enhance their bodies, minds and spirits.   Body wraps fill that need, and are a rapidly growing business or add-on service to any salon or spa.

There are  many different types of body wrap products available today.  There are many body wrap ingredients;  including Aloe Vera, minerals, seaweed, clay and essential oils to give your clients that special treatment that will detox their body, condition their skin and even take off inches.

Body wraps are an integral part of many salons and spas.  Offering body wraps allows the client the opportunity to enjoy other services that will give them a complete spa experience.

With the many manufacturers and even the “make at home” products on the market today, it truly pays to do your homework and choose the product that not only serves your needs, but is also a superior product.

You are more than welcome to contact me, and I will be happy to assist you in which product best suits you and your needs.


  1. Jamecia Hasberry

    Hello! My name is Jamecia and I have a lot of fat on the stomach and arms that I want to lose without doing a whole lot of exercising, because I have asthma very bad. If I use the stuff that people use to wrap spranged ankles or wrists, would that help shrink the areas I want to shrink?

    • Hi Jamecia. Sorry to hear about your asthma. I have had clients in the past that were dealing with the same thing and I know it can be frustrating. Yes, body wraps to help to some degree of “flattening” out and losing inches in those areas, but they do not remove fat. As far as those elastic type bandages that are used for sprained ankles, that is exactly what is used in compression body wraps to push the fat cells together. But they are soaked in a special mineral solution to help with the detox process. Some other products to apply to the body before wrapping, is a clay product that will help to also tone and tighten and create inch loss; but again, not fat loss. You can check out my home body wrap recipe that was published in Woman’s World and see if that will help you a bit. Otherwise, I would suggest that you find someone in your area offering either microcurrent body sculpting treatments or electro-muscle therapy treatments…as I do know those work really well to help tone the underlying muscles and “exercise” them to achieve the results you are looking for.


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