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Body Wrap Training Andrea Pekarik WelchBody Wrap Training is a passion!  With two decades in the body wrap industry, Andrea with her in-depth, comprehensive body wrap training system is ready to provide you with everything you need to know to provide your business with this much sought after service. More clients, more profits, higher client retention and greater client life time value!

“Ya know…it’s not just about throwing a few wraps on your client and calling it a body wrap. It’s so much more!” 

Body wraps have been one of the most popular treatments at spas and salons worldwide for over 30 years.  Slimming Body Wraps along with expert body wrap training can help you and your clients to lose unwanted inches, tone and tighten the skin, reduce stretch marks and cellulite, detoxify the body and relieve stress. 

Now you can add this highly demanded service to your existing business and add to your overall profits in as little as a week.   Spalon Techniques offers the most comprehensive body wrap training you can obtain in the Body Wrap Service Business.

  • Why waste thousands of dollars on expensive licenses or franchise fees only to be told where, when and how you can operate your own business? … doesn’t make sense!
  • Why limit yourself to using only one line of products and turning over a percentage of your hard earned profits to someone else?… doesn’t make sense!
  • Why be forced to buy products and equipment that you may never use simply because “Headquarters” says you need them? …doesn’t make sense!

Body Wrap Business TrainingOur Comprehensive  Body Wrap Business Training Course, via the internet, allows you to learn on your time and schedule the lessons as needed.  Plus, there are no costly travel expenses for you and your staff and no time away from your business or your families.

If you would also like to have someone come on site to help you set up an efficient work area and assist you in establishing a smooth work flow, then there will be additional daily fees and travel expenses.

Whether you choose our Body Wrap Business Training Course or any additional On Site Help, your staff will be ready to work and start earning additional income in as soon as a week!  (As long as they have all been certified.)

Andrea’s journey into the health and beauty industry  her vast knowledge in the Spa and Salon Industry began from her own battle with saccharin poisoning and a yearlong health crisis that took her on the road to recovery using detoxification and natural ways to feeling good again. “It was really scary; I found out that I was pretty much embalming myself alive,” states Ms. Welch. “Thankfully so though, as now I can help so many others by helping the Spa and Salon Owners who are in the business to help others look and feel their best.  It is a win situation from every angle!” more on the story…

If you truly want to be your own boss and have a successful body wrap business or add to your already existing business, we can help.

PLUS, you are never left “high and dry!”  On going support is always available to you.

We have sought out the best products and the best prices and gladly share this information with you in order to save you money and run your business more efficiently.

Our Exclusive Body Wrap Business Training Course includes:

-Step-by-Step Wrapping Procedures for:Body Wrap Training Andrea Pekarik Welch

  • Mineral Body Wrap
  • Aloe Vera / Herbal Body Wrap
  • Clay Body Wrap
  • Infrared Body Wrap

-Advanced Wrapping Techniques
-Sample Client Forms
-Resources for Wrap Products / Accessories
-Ongoing Body Wrapping Business Support
-Advertising/Marketing Training  …and so much more!

If you are ready to offer body wraps to your clients, but are having trouble deciding on which product and type of body wrap or body treatment to offer, we will be happy to assist you in helping you make the best decision possiblBody Wrap Training Andrea Pekarik Welche that will suit your business and your clients’ needs.

“Body wrapping has been my passion for over 17 years.  As a spa/salon owner and Body Wrap Instructor, I have researched and experienced just about every type of body wrap product and technique on the market.  Each type of product and process has its own pros and cons.  However, the secret to a happy client is knowing the special application and wrapping techniques for each product.  Getting the best results from each procedure is what will keep your clients coming back for more.

“Allow me to share with you my knowledge and experience today, and show you how you  can increase your profits.”

Complete Body Wrap Business Training Course – Thorough and in-depth body wrap business training via a comprehensive modular system via the internet.  Study, learn and practice when your schedule allows.  Certification given via Skype or Facetime.

Gulya and Aigl Wax Bar Republic of Kazakhstan“I didn’t think it would have been possible, but Andrea trained my staff in the Republic of Kazakhstan and with my employees not speaking any English!  Training with Andrea for the body wrap business by the internet worked beautifully.  I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere wanting to start this business or add it to their business.”

Anna Reichert
Wax Bar, Republic of Kazakhstan

As an owner of three salons/spas/body wrap centers and educator, Andrea has performed over 5000 body wraps on her clients and has trained more than 100 business owners and their staff to perform body wraps.

You canBody Wrap Training Andrea Pekarik Welch also find Andrea along with LA SlimWrap behind the scenes wrapping the celebrities at the Oscars, Emmy and Grammy Suites getting them “Red Carpet Ready” and has performed body wraps on various television programs such as Tyra Banks, A Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, Rachael Ray and the View, to name a few.

For more information on our Body Wrap Training products and services, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer all of your body wrapping questions regardless of the product you choose to use.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our body wrap training course in very comprehensive and general is application to compression and relaxation body wraps.  You will be trained in mineral body wraps, aloe vera / herbal body wraps, clay body wraps and infrared body wraps.  We are happy to train you on any body wrap product you may choose.  However, because we highly recommend a superior product that is manufactured in a United States Regulated FDA laboratory with FDA approved ingredients, information about LA SlimWrap will be included in this course.

Important…you will never be obligated or persuaded to, for or by me or anyone at LA SlimWrap to use that product unless it is your decision.  My goal and passion is to help you to offer what you believe is the best product for you and your clients.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  products and, if applicable, available onsite training dates, you may contact us by email or call Andrea directly at 630-343-9730.

Complete and Comprehensive Body Wrap Training
in Compression and Relaxation Body Wraps

Learn how to successfully provide the best results for your clients and build your business offering profit generating

  • Mineral Body Wraps
  • Aloe Vera /  Herbal Body Wraps
  • Clay Body Wraps
  • Infrared Body Wraps

You will also learn:

  • the myths about using cellophane
  • is sweating during a body wrap good or bad
  • which type of wrap to use for specific reasons and benefits for your clients
  • the different wrapping techniques for different sizes and body types

You will receive:

  • all important forms and charts
  • printable training manual
  • examples of how to set up your wrap room
  • the best resources for body wrap supplies


  • the do’s and don’ts of marketing your business
  • how to successfully use “in house marketing” strategies to grow your business
  • simple and effective systems to begin using today to generate profits, and
  • advanced techniques for the best possible results.

(The Body Wrap Training Course includes 20 reusable elastic bandages.)

Body Wrap Training Course $595 

Please call me, Andrea, at 630-343-9730 if you have any more questions or to get started.  I will invoice you to make payment and then receive information on accessing the training.

*Additional Shipping Charges for International, Alaska and Hawaii.  You will be notified as to the additional charges prior to shipping.

This body wrap course meets the Florida 12 Hour Body Wrapping Certification State Requirements! Upon completion, you will be sent a certificate, which you will then send to the State of Florida Department of Regulations with the $30 required payment to receive your FL Certification.

On Site Body Wrap Training – Although it is always a pleasure to meet you and work with you in person, the additional cost of on site training we feel would be better spent in marketing your business.  That is why we always recommend first going through all of the modules in the on line Body Wrap Training Course.  That way, if you still feel you need on site training, the cost will be far less because you will have already spent your time learning the basics via the modules.  The amount of days for onsite body wrap training you may require will depend on if you are new to body wrapping or just want to brush up on your skills and learn advanced wrapping techniques and how many staff remembers.  Training can be scheduled for one day or for up to four days, depending on your particular situation.

If you do not have a cosmetology license in the state of Florida, FLORIDA STATE REQUIRES a 12 HOUR BODY WRAPPING CERTIFICATION COURSE.


  1. Danielle Sweatt

    Hi! I’ve been searching all over the internet trying to get information on how to get trained on doing body slimming wraps. What is the price for your training and do you come to South Carolina?

    • Andrea

      Hi Danielle. Yes, I come to your place of business to teach you and your staff.
      Pricing is on a per day basis. Please feel free to contact me directly at 630-343-9730. I will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you any way I can in your decision to offer body wraps to your clients.


  2. Can you teach someone that wants to start a business out of their home for now? It would be part time until I finished my college classes but I would love to do it full time after.

    • Hi Belinda,

      Absolutely I can teach you how to start a body wrap business. Starting out of your home is just fine, plus I can teach you how to take it mobile and provide body wraps at your client’s homes until if and when you want to open an actual shop.

      If you would like more information or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at 630-343-9730. Andrea

  3. Hi,
    I’m an LMT and would love to add this to what I off for my clients, I understand that in some states it requires asthetics training is that correct? If it is I would like to just get the training and knowledge do the the wraps on family. Is there online training or DVD’s? Also I don’t understand some of the differances in the clays, it is the detox and inches lost that I am most interested in. Any information or direction you can send me would be very helpful.
    Thank You

    • Hi Haley,

      Thank you for your interest in body wrap training. Yes, it is true that some states require either a cosmetology license, an esthetics license or as massage therapist license. The state of Florida is the only state the requires an actual body training certification.

      At this time I do not offer online training or DVDs as I believe after 15 years of body wrapping that hands on training is the best approach. Not saying that online or by DVDs cannot be done, but I just don’t feel comfortable teaching this way as the trainee just does not have the same confidence level for working on clients if they were trained via a dvd or online. With that being said, I know that you can find that type of training over the internet.

      Although I can train on any type of body wrap product, the product I believe is the best on the market is LA SlimWrap. As far as the difference in clays and such, let me try to explain. There are aloe body wraps, herbal body wraps, clay products and mineral body wrap products. The best one for detox and inch loss is an active mineral body wrap. Where you are tightly wrapped in ace bandages and need to lightly exercise for an hour to keep circulation going.

      Herbals are good for detox and inch loss also, but they usually have a more “earthy smell” and some people can be allergic to them….so always do a test patch on the inside of their arm near their wrist.

      Aloe helps to soften the skin and has some great healing properties.

      Clay acts like a poultice and pulls from the skin. Can be a bit drying though.

      Usually the Aloe, the herbal and the clay body wraps are used for a relaxation wrap.

      When Woman’s World Magazine featured LA SlimWrap they asked if I could offer them a home body wrap recipe for people who are not near an LA SlimWrap location. So I offered them a home body wrap recipe that I used many years ago and have perfected over the years a bit. Now you won’t get the same results as a professional strength body wrap, but the women who tried the home body wrap recipe for Woman’s World achieved very satisfactory results.

      I hope this helps.

  4. BellaRose

    Hi Andrea,
    as i’m starting to learn this intriguing body wrap business, I was wondering about the licenses , what states require licenses and what kind? also what about insurance?

    • Hi Bella,

      Florida is the only state that requires an actual body wrap license, which is separate from the certification you will receive from a body wrap company and their product training. This means that if you want to perform body wrap in the state of Florida you will not need to be a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician or massage therapist, but will only need the 12 Hour Body Wrap Certification Course (which I can provide). All other states are governed differently and it will best serve you to contact the State Department of Regulations in your state for their own laws on body wraps.

      In regards to insurance, you will need to check with your own insurance company such as State Farm (like I use) to see if they cover salons and spas. Otherwise check the internet for companies that specialize in salon/spa insurance.

      The best of luck to you in your business.

  5. hi Andrea where are you located at, I’m in san diego, ca and been looking everywhere for an onsite bodywrap training. I’ve asked LA slimwrap about their training and package but their package is too pricey for someone like me that’s going to do a home based and mobile body wrap for now, any input? thanks in advance!

    • Hi, Please contact me at 630-343-9730 and I will be better able to help you with the training you are looking for.

  6. Hello, My Name is Dee, and I have been a body wrap client for over 12 years. always servicing, the same location. Recently, I’ve been offered the opportuniity, to purchase this business, which is loaded with exsisting clients. I’ve managed a business before and can see the potenal, of incorparting other services. But have no body wraping experience. But the seller is offering 2mth training of the business and on call support. I would be leaving the sercuriy of a 15 year well paying job, that I hate. I know I’m ready for a change. But is it best to buy an exsisting business, with clients or save that money, get training else where and get a larger space and create the business I would want it to be.

    • Hi Dee. Good for you wanting to start your own business! Leaving the security of anything, even when you hate associated with that security can be quite scary and I understand that. As a business owner, I want to say THANK YOU for being such a loyal customer to that business that you have going to for over 12 years. They must be doing something right! So I can also understand your looking at the opportunity to walk into that business as the new owner and take over…sounds quite appealing.

      Although I could train you on body wraps and other aspects of running a business, it would no way be the learning experience you will get from the actual previous owner of that successful business…since they have been doing it so long and understand their own demographics and clientele and just the general business goings on in that particular business. With that being said, that also doesn’t mean that you can not create a lucrative business on your own.

      There are many questions to ask: What is the amount they are asking for the business? How big is their client base? Did they or will they give you full view of the books? What other services do they provide? What about employees?

      This sounds a bit crazy, but it is the truth… in any business, the client is coming in and buying YOU. Even though there is a service or product they can purchase, they are buying you! Is this business very lucrative because of the owner and how she operates it? And if you or anyone else comes in and buys the business is there any guarantee, it will be as lucrative…no, there is no guarantee. BUT in any business whether buying an existing one or starting a new one on your own you will make it all your own and ultimately determine the success of that business.

      If I was to do it all over again, I would have really taken a closer look at buying an existing business to get me a bit of a jump start than learning as I went along. Again though what is the owner charging for the business? As there is a certain equation to the process and the price and what the client base is really worth. And remember just because they have, let’s say, a 5000 client base…how many people are there like you that consistently go to enjoy the services of that business.

      I would love to help you and brainstorm a bit more…so please feel free to call me direct at 630-343-9730.

  7. Hi,

    I’m from North Port, FL, I’m interested in owning my business. Many years ago I trained at a small establisment to body wrap, but I never received a certificate from them. I left that position due to personal circumstances. It was a shame because I really enjoyed body wrapping and helping people too. Now, I want to get into to it again and I remember some things, but I don’t feel completely confident, so I’m basically starting from scratch. I would really appreciate your guidance to help me get started and the fees your charge. Thank you!

    • Hi Sandra, Thank you for contacting me. I would really like to help you. You can call me directly at 630-343-9730 and I can answer all of your questions and get you on the right track. Andrea

  8. Cheryl Skaflestad

    I am looking to take a body wrapping course. I would like to know if it accredited and how much, and where and when.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for contacting me through my site, Spalon Techniques.

      I will be happy to help you to be best of my ability. It may be easier to discuss by phone if you so choose and you may call me directly at 630-343-9730.

      With that being said, let me ask you a few questions:

      In which state are you located? FL is the ONLY state that requires an actual 12 Hour Body Wrap Course BUT it has nothing to do with body wrap training! It is a certification and license that is based on learning Sanitation, HIV and infection diseases, and FL regulations. So if you are in the state of FL you will also need that after you learn to body wrap. If you allow me to train you, then I am licensed and regulated in the state of FL to provide the testing and is included in my training program.

      With that being said, I am very happy you have an interest in body wrapping…as it is a passion of mine and it thrills me when I can share my knowledge of “what, why and how” body wraps.

      My 21 Day Body Wrap Training Course is given via the internet through videos. Also providing you with all written information and also helping you to build your body wrap business based on what I have learned over the past 15 years in the industry. Plus you will have FREE ongoing access to my Spa and Salon Success Membership to help you to continue to grow your business.

      My body wrap course will work with any compression wrap product that you wish to use, however, I only recommend LA SlimWrap because of the highest quality of ingredients used and is produced right here in the USA in an FDA approved lab with only FDA approved ingredients. Plus it makes sense to also use a product that has credibility and in LA SlimWrap’s case, Celebrity Credibility.

      I am not sure if you already have access to my Free Video Series, if you haven’t I recommend as it will help you no matter what products you use in your business. I share what I did to go from 50 body wraps a month to doing 700 body wraps a month. Go ahead and sign in on the right hand side of this page!

      Here is a link that will take you directly to a WEBINAR EVENT that I do a few times a week. Although it is good to see the Video Series first, you will see why during the WEBINAR I only recommend LA SlimWrap.

      Again, no matter what product you decide to use, the Video Series will help you….and I will still be happy to help you in any way I can.

      Please do sign in for the Video Series and do take the time to be on the Webinar, it will help you. Please contact me after the WEBINAR and we can chat about still being able to use my Complete Training System, even if you decide not to use LA SlimWrap, as the cost will be considerably less for you.

      I wish you the very best in whatever you decide.

      Warm Regards,


  9. Hi Andrea,
    I alway thinking about body wrap business but don’t know where and how to get good products because so much on market now very confuse every body or training said they very good. Today I just search type body wrap training and I found you
    I don’t know anything about body wrap hear a lot of good and bad thing like can loose, tone and firm other say wrap only loss water only not a permanent. I just sign in your webinar event I don’t even know do I have to pay or not. Please help me out if I want to take your training where and how much it cost for training also
    what is La Slim Wrap it is expensive how expensive.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I am so glad you found me. Yes, it can be quite confusing about body wrap training and even which products to purchase.
      I would like to help you to the best of my ability. I have been getting, performing and training others how to body wrap for a little over 15 years
      now…YEP, I love them! I will be happy to discuss with you the different types of wraps and even the brands available. What is important to remember is
      that the best brand for you is the one YOU love the best, as that is what you will be the happiest to offer your clients. Although I do believe that LA SlimWrap is the best on the market, not only for the quality of the products, but also because they have the celebrity credibility to back them up. And by the way….all the celebrities that use LA SlimWrap are not commissioned or paid to use it! They do so, because they work. Now….that does not mean you agree and maybe you like another product. That is perfectly OK with me. Do your research, and I will be available if you have any questions.

      About the ‘only water loss’…. this is what I say to that. That is simply not true! And what is so bad about our bodies getting rid of excess water, as long as you drink more water to help flush the system and to hydrate?

      Vanessa, nothing is permanent in the body wrap business if you are only getting one wrap. However, I have seen it time and time again with body wraps where my clients will go down sizes. Myself, I went down a couple sizes in about 6 body wraps! I know what you are thinking…NOPE not fat loss!

      How about you give me a call and I can explain it all to you. This way you will have a better understanding so you can make the best possible decision for yourself and your potential clients.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. sally soward

    I am own a small business and I am very interested in adding wraps. I am researching inrared wraps. Do you do training on that? I am from Texas do you have to have any certifications to do inrared wraps?

    • Thank you for contacting me. Yes, I can help you with anything you would like to learn about infrared body wraps. I don’t believe there is any specialized training or certification for the state of TX for them, as I have trained many others from that state over the years. But it is always best to check with your local Department of Regulations.

      With that being said, what are your questions? AND I may I help you?

      I am a big infrared advocate. Did you see what “detoxed” out of my daughter, Kathryn, after she was done with all of her chemo treatments?

      Infrared Detox Kathryn

      Did you request my Free Videos on helping you build your business on the right hand side of the page?

      I look forward to speaking with you.

      Be well,

  11. Tami Jackson

    I do body wraps and workouts I’m a personal trainer , I do mineral body wraps where I put my Clint’s on a glider for and hour after I wrap them , if doing a wrap at a Clint’s home what put under the glider to stop the minerals from getting on the floor after I based them every 20 mins ??

    • Hi Tami,

      I started doing body wraps as a mobile business. Although I never took a glider into my client’s home (although most of my weekly clients bought one) I would simply take a heavy duty shower curtain, then one of those non skid mats, then a large beach towel for the client to stand on. If the client had one in their home, they would buy a large black cushion mat that is intended to go under a treadmill.

      I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to call 630-343-9730 or email me at

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