Below are some links and suggestions for body wrap supplies needed when performing body wraps.

Appointment/Scheduling Book: Sally Beauty Supply.

Bandages:  High quality 6 inch wide by 5 feet long (white).$4.75 each plus shipping (minimum 10) OR  Case of 108 $405 (plus $20 shipping) .

Basting Bottles:  at the Webstaurant Store

Bath and Hand Towels: Sam’s Club sells them in bulk and has them in white, which can be easily bleached.

Disposable Gloves and Shower Caps: Sally Beauty Supply

Disposable Bra and Panties: If you want to keep some around “just in case” you get a walk in or a client forgets theirs, you can find them at under “disposables.”

Plastic drop cloth .7 mil 148x150 BODY WRAP SUPPLIESPLASTIC DROP CLOTHS You can find these at your local paint store or Walmart.



DRY BODY BRUSH: This is not necessary for body wrap, but is a nice add on if you choose and also a good resale.

The dry brush I prefer is the “strap” version, BUT I suggest you may want to order one of each to see which you prefer to use on your clients and also on yourself.

Strap Dry Brush

Handle Dry Brush

This is a brush with naturally soft boar bristles and side hand strap. It is perfect for exfoliating treatments or personal use.  It fits the hand and does not have a handle. The brush measures 5″ x 2.5″.   This is the least expensive place I found for these!  DRY BRUSH

The practice of dry brushing helps sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, reduce ingrown hairs and the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin glowing. Proper dry brushing techniques start in small circles at the feet and work up to the neck and are followed by a shower or bath to wash away impurities released by the process. This healthful treatment is a favorite at spas and is routinely followed by herbal wraps or mud treatments for an even greater benefit.




Vibration Machine

You can also order the equipment mats from here to place under the equipment and for the client to stand on to be wrapped and/or basted to catch any dripping.


Mat for under Gazelle, Rebounder and any place you need to protect your floor (i.e. wrapping area, basting area, unwrapping area)

There are two mats available.

Gold’s Gym Approx. $20

ProForm Mat Approx. $34


Uline Bags 800.958-5463

2 mil 14 x 16 inch poly bags


Far Infrared Sauna Blanket with 3 Zone Digital Controller

Spalon Techniques Infrared Blanket





For a higher quality infrared blanket; search for PH-2BIII.  At this time the least expensive is offered from

Lab Coats:  White Long Sleeve        White Short Sleeve

Ponchos: You can buy ponchos from Walmart or Target or really anywhere that sells camping gear.




Having to clean and/or disinfect the ponchos in between clients can be a hassle for some people and they have switched to purchasing the ponchos from the following link. They can be washed and disinfected, but most body wrap business owners prefer to send their client home with this poncho. It will add about $.60 to the cost of the wrap, but might be something to think about in the long run. DISPOSABLE PONCHO

If you prefer a disposable poncho you may be interested in using these.  PLEASE RECYCLE or you may give it to your client after their wrap to keep in their car trunk for any “rainy day.”

RAIN SUIT – (instead of Sauna Suit): I find these are easier to put on and take off client, since they will not have to raise their arms or pull on over their heads. I usually keep three of these on hand (1 M/L and 2 L/XL) for my clients that get extremely cold in the wrap. Using these takes a bit longer to re-mineralize or baste your client, but work very well.

Sauna Suit  or Rain Gear – These are great to use to keep your client warm “NOT SWEATING”… I prefer to use the Rain Jacket w/Pants so that the client doesn’t have to lift their arms.  Either is ok, just remember that if the client lifts arms, the bandages may roll in the underarms…so pay close attention.



The reason we like these the best is that they wash and dry quickly, they are white (so they can be bleached if need be), they are long and will fit even your larger clients.


Slippers: Waffle slippers (match Waffle Robes) are fine but they will make more laundry. SLIPPERS

Another nice slipper (one that I prefer) that I have used in my spas/salons is a rubber base that you spray with disinfectant, dunk in water and then put over a rubber or plastic shoe rack to drip dry. You can find those at . They do offer the famous Sensi slippers and if your budget allows then by all means, but they are about $16 per pair. But they do offer a slipper called “Yeah Baby Cloud 9” (TOTALLY perfect!) and are sort of like the Sensi slipper but without the massaging nubs in the sole and they are only about $6 per pair! And when you need an assortment of sizes, these really are an excellent choice.

Storage Units:  Perfect for clients to put personals. If space allows in the wrap room can be used to use as a stand to write on measure cards.

Four Drawer

Three Drawer


Advantco 12 x 20 Warmer # 177W50

6 “ deep pan # 92220069

Full Size Lid # 92277250


wrapease ss w BODY WRAP SUPPLIESThe WrapEASE™ SS (Stainless Steel) has all the features as the WrapEASE™ SE, but has been made with additional industrial features, such as a weighted stainless steel base to keep the unit in place while in use.

• Industrial design (weighing 12 lbs) with stainless steel base.
• Water-resistant for use with damp to moderately wet bandages.
• Free standing unit (can also be mounted)
• Durable spindle, 5/8″ diameter
• Spindle made of high tech material creating a smooth surface to ease in start-up and removal of bandages.
• Foot pedal for complete control and effortless rolling.

$525.00 + Shipping – Call me to place order 630-343-9730

HAND HELD WRAP ROLLER   – you can Google for best price, but I usually find it the least expensive on Amazon

hand held wrap roller red 2




Wishing you all the best.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment or call me at 630-343-9730 and if you have to leave a message, I will get back to you ASAP and also leave your email.  Thank you.



  1. I would like to get some body wrap suplies from you,.

    • Hi Maria,

      I don’t sell products myself, but I can direct you to someone who does depending on
      what type of body wrap products you are looking for. I am happy to help you. Please give me a call at 630-343-9730.


  2. Marla Atkins

    Do you know of anywhere I can purchase heat tank for mineral wraps at wholesale price ? Thank you ! Have a great weekend ! marla

    • Andrea

      Thank you for contacting me. I am happy to help you.

      This is the least expensive place I have found and I have had only one delivered dented and they quickly replaced…. and I have order dozens from there! Here you go:


      Advantco 12 x 20 Warmer # 177W50

      6 “ deep pan # 92220069

      Full Size Lid # 92277250

      Wishing you all the best,

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