Body Wrap Training Course Made Easy

Every day I get calls and emails as to the many different products and body wrap training courses that are offered.  My advise is always to find a product or type of wrap that you like and have seen and felt the results, so that you can then offer that product and service to your clients with confidence.

Although I am able to train you on the many different types and products, I too have my preference as to which ones I enjoy most and see the greatest results with.  (more…)

Why LA Slim Wrap

Why is LA Slim Wrap the only mineral, slimming body wrap I use and represent?

LA SlimWrap Body Wrap TrainingEvery day I get asked, “Why LA SlimWrap?”  With being in the body wrap beauty industry for 15 years, you can bet that I have tried everything on the market.  Now I am not saying that all the products are bad, in fact many did produce some results, but there is much more to think about especially when you are also a business owner and want to offer this service to your clients.  For me, LA SlimWrap is the only choice!  READ MORE and you will agree…

Weight Loss Wraps

I was spending my Sunday afternoon scouring the web for some interesting information about weight loss wraps and who was giving any ‘false’ information about body wraps and even if someone says there are weight loss wraps.

Although after performing, receiving and training others on body wraps for about 15 years, I still have the passion to keep up to date and on top of what others are saying about body wraps and especially weight loss wraps.

I recommend you read the article, as it has a good amount of information that you can use to educate yourself and your clients when helping them to understand the difference in the very many body wraps and if a body wrap can really be weight loss wraps.