Do Body Wraps Work?

I was doing my morning “Google” and coffee and happened upon a Philadelphia CBS TV Station who did a segment about body wraps.  Decent article and the body wrap was performed by  the Christine Valmy Beauty School. (We will talk skin care another time.)  Today is about body wraps!

I read a lot about what people think of products all of the time and every product in the beauty industry has it fair share of lovers and haters.  As we all know some work best for us and others do not.  It is no different with body wraps.  You can check out the article here and see for yourself.  BUT LET ME FINISH FIRST, Please….”Thank You”….

A little beginning side note here:  I am not sure why a man is performing the body wrap procedure and although I will not discriminate the sexes, I have found that most women and men prefer to have a woman perform the treatment or service of a body wrap since we are attended to pretty up close and personal.  And maybe if a woman did perform the wrap, there may have been better acceptance of it…but those are just my thoughts on the matter and having my own shops as to what my clients requested.  Ok…let’s move on!

I myself have been slathered, rubbed, and hosed down with body wrap products all in the name of beauty an inch loss and I am a firm believer that they work.  “All of them?” you ask.  I have to say, “yes,” but not all of them work as well as others, which depends on the body wrap ingredients and your very own body and how it will react to the body wraps themselves.  In all my years of body wraps, getting them and giving them it just always ticks me off a bit when I see comments about something (today this particular body wrap by Christina Valmy Beauty School) when people are too quick to criticize even when the article and video told them the truth about the wrap.

I am not sure if my comment will be accepted on the site so I am going to post it here too.  It is my rant and rave on Body Wraps for the day and if you ever decide that you might just want to get one yourself…go for it, you just might enjoy them as much as I do!

Now for my rebuttal to the Body Wraps in Philadelphia CBS news article.  I hope you enjoy.

For many years the “body wrap” and many treatments that claim to help men and women with inch loss, cellulite removal and skin tightening has had its fair share of critics.  But then again, so does many other products and services within the beauty industry, health and wellness industry and every other industry under the sun.

But to call all body wraps a scam, I have to disagree completely.

I had gotten drawn into getting a body wrap about 15 years ago, when I just was so fed up with wanting to lose a few pounds and could not get them to budge!  And the rest is history, I was hooked.  Note:  the products have changed a bit and gotten much better than 20 years ago.

Although there are certain body treatments that can help to lose weight (infrared wraps!), a typical compression body wrap is not a weight loss treatment.  What it does do is help to motivate us to want to lose weight, if we choose to.

There are many types of body wraps on the market:  mineral, aloe vera, clay, compression, electro stimulation, heat and even cold wraps that will help the body to lose inches, tighten the skin and help reduce cellulite.  I know because I have experienced it and I have seen it happen thousands of times.

However, the problem here is that there are people on both ends of the business that are either over promising (the business owner) or over expecting (the client).  Do body wraps work, yes?  Are they the “end all be all” for those in search of eliminating years of excess eating and neglecting our bodies, no?

But what body wraps will do is give most of us that overall clean feeling, our clothes fit a bit better and we have hope that if we can just do something little to motivate ourselves, we can be on the way to getting slimmer by starting to take better care of ourselves.

I ask you all to remember this too, that just because something works for one person, does not mean it will work for the next, or that just because you may love getting a body wrap and the benefits that they do provide, does not mean a friend you recommend it to will like it and then to them it is a scam.

I could go on and on about all the different types of wraps and different companies out on the market that provide them (as I have made it my business to try them, because I love body wraps, some kinds more than others!) and some of you will still not believe that body wraps do work. However, if you approach body wraps as a more natural approach to achieving a better body and just check out the ingredients in the product, you will find that they provide many benefits.

If someone tells you that you will go from a size 14 to a size 6 in a single wrap, run.  But if they are honest with you and tell you that whatever size you are currently wearing will be a bit looser and thoroughly explain to you what to expect and are honest with you about what that particular body wrap will help you achieve, body wraps are quite an interesting, natural approach to feeling a bit smaller.  Andrea

I am hoping they post it.  I just get so tired of some people giving body wraps a bad “wrap”  and not really knowing everything before they post something negative.  This just gave me another idea (LIGHT BULB!) I think I will have to take the time to post the various ingredients used in body wraps and let people see for themselves the “science” behind them.

So “are body wraps a scam?”  I guess they can be if the manufacturer, business owner or technician is not honest with you on the  body wraps they use really work, but as for me…. I KNOW that body wraps work, so I think I will go get one now!  The rest of you, do your homework, try one and then let me know what kind you decided to try and what it did for you.

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.



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    Hi Andrea,

    I just found your article on body wraps, great content. I am always looking for other ways to help me with my weight problem, and I was trying to find some information on body wraps. So thanks so much for the great content, this is going to help me with making my decision with what I was wanting to do. Keep the great content coming, I will be back.

    Lisa S.

    • Andrea

      Thank you Lisa. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear how and what you are doing to help your weight concerns. Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you soon. Andrea

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