Why Use an Infrared Body Wrap

An infrared body wrap is the latest and greatest and most sought after body wrap treatment in spas today. It is a highly advanced technological treatment versus the traditional body wrap.  However, when combining the infrared body wrap along with a traditional compression type body wrap greater results can be achieved!

In general, spas have many different types of body treatments that will offer in some form or another with promises of reducing cellulite, toning and tightening the skin, detoxify the body and in some cases will promote weight loss. The varieties can include aloe vera, which are considered the herbal wrap, mud, seaweed and clay. The difference in the infrared body wrap is it designed to help reduce fat, benefiting the client with weight loss, and the reduction of cellulite due to it level of heat penetration.

Infrared for Weight Loss

An infrared body wrap can provide long-lasting results, whereas the traditional body wraps for temporarily (although for some at least a month) provide inch loss due the compression of the body wrap bandages on the body. Although the products used with these traditional body wraps have many benefits and help the body to achieve the results, the greater inch loss is due to the compression. So depending on the products used and the amount of compression being administered, the traditional body wraps can help you to squeeze into a particular pair of jeans or dress temporarily, whereas an infrared body wrap can sustain lasting results due to its weight loss benefits.

Let me explain: infrared blankets or infrared saunas that are used with an infrared body wrap actually penetrates the body one and half inches to two inches deep and forces the body to heat up and push out the toxins and burn fat at a greater speed than any other wrap on the market.

It is imperative to remember that yes, you are sweating and any immediate weight loss is due to the releasing of excess water, but it is very good to sweat and you will replace those fluids during and after the infrared wrap. However, any fat loss and the metabolic raise in the body will last and accumulate with more infrared body wrap treatments. With the process of using infrared, your body will be releasing toxins and fat allowing the body to rid itself naturally into the blood stream and out through the urine.

Promotes Diminishing Cellulite

The root cause of cellulite is are fatty tissue pockets that are broken down that give our skin that ‘orange peel’ look that all of us seem to hate. Since infrared can help the body to break down the fatty tissue and help to disperse the build out through and out of our body, the cellulite ridden areas will eventually become smother and the cellulite with be diminished. Of course, like any and all body treatments, the results will vary dependent upon the degree of cellulite and the lifestyle of the client and if they will make the little needed changes to see the results.

Other Benefits of Infrared – Muscle and Joint Pain

Using infrared for joint and muscle soreness has been popular long before the beauty industry stumbled upon the effectiveness of weight loss and cellulite reduction. Localized infrared treatments have been used for years in the natural health alternatives for many years. Infrared has been said to help those suffering pain due to arthritis or any form of muscle fatigue and soreness.

Infrared Treatment

Although it is ultimately best to receive an infrared treatment in your ‘birthday suit,’ these treatments can be given with a thin layer of clothing. Remember, the infrared penetrates and heats the body and pushes out, instead of just heating up the body from the outside. So people with modesty concerns can feel comfortable knowing they will be fully clothed and will achieve the many benefits from an infrared body wrap.

The best way I have found to use this type of treatment and to achieve the best results is to stay in the infrared blanket or infrared sauna for at least 45 minutes, but no longer than an hour. Typically it will take a body to begin to sweat anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, then you will need to relax and enjoy the heat for another 35 minutes.

This is important to note that any longer than this will put the body into storing fat instead of burning and releasing fat. Also important, is to drink at least 8 ounces of water prior to the treatment, at least four ounces during the treatment and 8 ounces over the course of 30 minutes after the treatment. This will help to disperse the toxins and allow your body to release. Of course, you should be drinking about six to eight ounces of water every hour under normal conditions and in your everyday life.

For the best results it is recommended to receive an infrared treatment at least three times a week until desired results are achieved, then you can go into a maintenance program. However, once those desired results are achieved, you can scale your time down in the infrared to 30 minutes daily to keep the results you have achieved and everything flowing.

To learn more about why you should be using an infrared body wrap as part of your healthy lifestyle and the best one to use then contact Andrea Pekarik Welch for all the latest information.

An infrared body wrap is an easy, effective and affordable way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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