What Is an Infrared Body Wrap

What is an infrared body wrap?

An infrared body wrap is a body treatment that involves an infrared blanket and may or may consist of a product application.

An infrared blanket allows the client to relax while enjoying the benefits of infrared. When applying certain products to the body prior to the treatment, can accelerate the of the benefits.

First let’s talk about the benefits for a few moments.

Detoxification. Sweating is the natural way for the body to heal and stay healthy. Infrared provides a person with a deep sweat and cleansing of the skin because it penetrates the about 1 – 2 inches and pushes the toxins out through the sweating process.

Skin Rejuvenation. Infrared body wraps and infrared saunas can actually help restore skin to a more youthful appearance. There was a study done by the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy that showed a significant difference in just 12 weeks with the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet as well as a toning of the skin such as firmness, elasticity and clarity.

Pain Relief. Many people experience infrared heat works by penetrating joint, muscles and tissues, speeding up oxygen flow and promoting better circulation.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction. It has been studied that infrared helps the body to maintain healthy levels or cortisol. We have all heard about cortisol and how it the number one cause of belly fat. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by the body and raises when we are stressed out and raises the heart rate and blood pressure leading to the deposit of excessive fat and weight in the midsection. So taking a 30 minute session 3 times a week can help you to relax and reduce the effects of excess cortisol.

Weight Loss. If you are looking to lose weight, then an infrared body wraps may be the key to your success. It has been shown that a 30 minute session can actually burn up to 600 calories. When the body temperature is raised by heat of any kind, our bodies need to cool itself down. In doing so our heart rate increases as well as our metabolic rate, which causes the body to burn calories. Using infrared is a simple and relaxing treatment to help with those extra pounds many of us are carrying around.

Infrared body wraps are becoming a popular service at spas and salons around the world, and with good reason.

The benefits from infrared body wraps are many. Here were just five of the benefits people enjoy when receiving an infrared body wrap treatment.

I urge you to do some research and find out for yourself how this simple and affordable treatment can benefit how you look and feel.

For more information on infrared body wraps and the possibility of using them to look and feel your best you can check out more information about the Infrared Wrap.

If you would like to try an infrared body wrap for yourself and learn which product I recommend, just CONTACT ME.

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