Spa White

There is no doubt that teeth whitening is the fastest growing segment in the spa and salon industry. The market is dictating that women and men all over the world want the whitest teeth they can possibly have, but also are demanding the product to be safe, effective, affordable and without the sensitivity.  Introducing, Spa White…professional teeth whitening made by dentists with results that can safely be delivered to clients in salons and spa.

Take years of experience in professional teeth whitening, add the latest research in smile cosmetics, and package it in a way that you can enjoy the benefits of a whiter smile from the same place that makes the rest of you beautiful: your favorite spa or salon.   The process is especially convenient because you can whiten while you are enjoying a pedicure, while waiting for your hair to process, or just sit back and relax while whitening.

SpaWhite has been scientifically formulated to achieve visible whitening results in as little as 20 minutes, presented in a PH neutral balanced formula which reduces enamel erosion, gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. SpaWhite removes surface stains from teeth using a patented foam suspension peroxide delivery system and DayLight 5K light. Developed to combat the effects of acidic and strongly pigmented food, drink, tobacco, as well as normal aging – all of which cause discoloration.

5 SpaWhite Whitening Elements

Peroxide | When peroxide combines with the moisture in your mouth, it releases hydroxyl radicals that penetrate the cellular structure of the teeth to release stains that have built up over time.

Light | Exposing your teeth and the suspended peroxide to the save “cool blue” light of the WhiteScience Daylight 5K accelerates the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into powerful, whitening hydroxyl radicals. Our flexible mouth tray acts as a lens to focus the light.

Pressure | Pressure and contact are required to force hydroxyl radicals into the enamel of your teeth. Once inserted in the flexible mouth tray, mild pressure conforms the patented peroxide strip to the shape of your teeth.

Heat | Heat is applied via the exclusive WhiteScience Daylight 5K light system. Barely noticeable to you, the Daylight 5K light assists in releasing the powerful hydroxyl radicals.

Exposure | Length of exposure is key to effective whitening. WhiteScience’s revolutionary technology will brighten your smile in as little as 15 minutes, with incredible results.

SpaWhite Key Facts

SpaWhite is for natural teeth and whitens by removing stains, not “adding” whitening. Teeth cannot get whiter then they were when the permanent teeth came in, or in the case of synthetic tooth structures, when they were installed.

Tingling or slight gum sensitivity is normal and not harmful to gums or enamel. For people with sensitive gums, lightly coat the gums and lip area with petroleum jelly prior to treatment, being careful not to get any on the teeth.

Blanching (or whitening) of the gums is common and normal. It is a temporary reaction due to the antiseptic nature of hydrogen peroxide and not harmful to teeth or gums.

Limit individuals to 2 consecutive treatments within 24 hours.

Important: For 24 hrs following a SpaWhite treatment, avoid consuming anything that would stain a white shirt!

To find out how you can partner with us and offer Spa White Professional Teeth Whitening in your Salon or Spa, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in adding this lucrative service to your business.

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