“Andrea WAndrea Pekarik Welch with Tracy Crave Fitness NEelch is an amazing woman that can help you achieve and develop a successful Body Wrap Business. Andrea is very passionate about the Body Wrap Industry and training her clients to be the best body wrap technicians they can be. Whether you do the wrapping yourself or you have Andrea train your staff you know you are getting the best. Andrea goes the extra mile to train you and your staff. She is there to answer questions and support you when you need it.She is caring and compassionate and a devoted to help you give the best wraps in your area. Finding Andrea to train myself and my team was the best thing I could’ve done. If you want to work with the best then DO THIS and make the investment in Body Wrap Training with Andrea Welch! Her knowledge and business background are top notch!”

Tracey Gardner, Grand Island NE

Andrea with Shari Canada“Training just comes natural to Andrea. She’s always ready and willing to help in any way. We started our training right away with the theory part via email and phone calls, so when she arrived here we were ready to learn to wrap!! We wrapped and unwrapped over and over, we joked, told stories, laughed and we learned. Our training days were blast, Andrea is awesome!! She said to me, “I won’t leave until you get it.” She meant it and by the end of the second day she said, “you’ve got it you’ll do great!” I now have a successful wrap salon because of Andrea’s extremely effective training. Still to this day I call upon her for help and she’s more than happy to do so.”

Shari O’Neill, New Brunswick Canada

“Andrea’s leadership during our on site training reinforced key principals to building a successful shop.  (Specifically, about using the supplements, advanced techniques for better results and customer service ideas.)  Loved the group discussions and the sharing of ideas!  And what a great idea and really enjoyed having people in my shop to provide feedback on how we operate.”

Christie Shrader, Alpharetta, GA

Cindy Vincent New Foundland, Canada with Andrea Pekarik Welch“I am very excited about this new venture in my life! I am now the proud owner of Renew Body Wraps featuring LA SlimWrap body wraps!! The support, patience and assistance I received from Andrea in starting up my new business was above and beyond what I expected. Andrea was very professional yet so much fun to work with, very patient and just has that natural ability to share her knowledge and years of experience in such a wonderful way! I am also very impressed with the continued support I am receiving…when Andrea tells you she is there if you need her well let’s just say I have proved that to be true! ”

Cindy Vincent, Newfoundland Canada

Body Shapers SlimSpa ARDEN  Morris IL book a wrap“Andrea, Just wanted to say thanks for all the marketing ideas and all the insight you have given me.  It is making a difference in my life and business. Looking forward to more.”

Arden,  Body Shapers Slim Spa, IL


“Andrea has a wonderful knack with people to make teaching and learning constructive, yet fun at the same time. I felt that I learned a great deal of information, and am willing to understand more about body wrapping and my overall business. This is truly a great method of inch loss, and I can be a walking example of that to educate other people. Thank you Andrea!”

Abra, IL , Joanne’s Total Image

“Truly enjoyed the training session Andrea.  You made the learning more enjoyable and were more than apt to keep our attention! Truly a blessing having you as our instructor.  In my opinion, any person can really gain a lot from you Andrea.”

Jimmy Chevez, Jr., Wrapped Around U

“I am truly pleased to say that your training is more than an educating experience; fun and more than necessary for our salon.  You brought a jump-start to our employees, and to myself as an owner.  Andrea, you are extremely knowledgeable in this field and you have brought a ton of new ideas and techniques that have been found to be valuable beyond expression.  Thank you for your program.”

Deana Galtieri

 “I was very impressed with your training course, Andrea.  I learned everything I expected and so much more.  You express and convey the information clearly and with so much patience.  Your easy going personality put me at ease for me to learn everything I needed to run a successful business.  Thank you.”

Julie Luschen

“Andrea’s attitude of “No question is a dumb question” was very helpful for me to open up and make sure I am learning everything I am supposed to learn for this service. The training was very thorough and interesting. The training was also fun thanks to a wonderful instructor. I am very excited to start performing body wraps to my clients.”

Katrina R., Joanne’s Total Image

Megan and Hannah, CA“Andrea you make learning fun!  Your patience and endless knowledge with helping me with my business has been the best investment in moving forward.  Thank you for taking the extra time and giving me your input on the best way to arrange my area to make it work for my best advantage.  Next time you are out this way, don’t forget to stop by.”

Megan Manes, CA

“I arrived at the training center and was greeted by a wonderful, up beat and positive lady, Andrea.  She has made this training one of the most memorable times of my life.  She is a very passionate about teaching and is very knowledgeable about everything I came to learn.  I am extremely happy to have had the pleasure of training with her and look forward to advanced training.”

Terri A. Lipe, Denver, CO

“Great teaching techniques. Organized, efficient and dedicated with lots of great suggestions. Thanks, Andrea”

Arlene Handler, Shape Shift, CA

Simply Beautiful New You Michele Miller“Our training was an unbelievable experience.  We had many challenges with products being delivered on time for training.  Andrea, turned every challenge into a learning experience and we all gained so much.  My technicians are awesome and so knowledgeable and I owe it all to you.  Where do you find that endless amount of excitement an energy that she puts into her training.  We are organized in our daily schedule, a perfect mix of knowledge of hands on training.  Thank you so much Andrea for coming to us.”

Michele Miller, Simply Beautiful, CA 

“I had a wonderful experience while I was trained. I started not knowing what to expect. I had never been wrapped before, so wrapping other people was going to be hard…or so I thought! Andrea was so easy to talk to I was able to ask questions freely and I picked up the procedures very easily. Andrea was able to explain a foreign language to me in plain English! I learned so much and even now we are open and running we still can contact her to ask questions. Andrea you have been so helpful to my business. Thanks…”

Janelle, Simply Beautiful, CA 

“So…What is there to say? Andrea was absolutely FABULOUS!!! She was very attentive and extra patient. I am sometimes intimidated to ask questions, but from the beginning Andrea made me feel comfortable. She made the training fun while also stressing the importance of the body wrap. I understand now why our supervisor wanted us to be trained by Andrea, because she trained our supervisor. Hope you come back for advanced training soon! We miss you Andrea. ”

Amanda, Simply Beautiful, CA 

“It was really nice to have a trainer who was so educated about body wraps, and so attentive to my needs as a spa owner. The new techniques and corrective procedures taught by Andrea have already began to yield higher inch loss results in my business. I am so excited to be able to make my clients happier with their inch loss… Thanks Andrea.”

Marilyn Dillard, CA

“Andrea is awesome! She came and trained my girls at my spa. Andrea answered all of our questions that we were unclear about. We were able to practice on each other while we were coached by Andrea. We learned so much and very grateful that we learned from the best (Andrea). We know that our salon will be successful because we are so confident now. All thanks to our wonderful training.”

Janelle C.

“Andrea made learning fun. She was highly involved and energetic. Also made sure that we were able to learn everything we needed to know about body wrapping, so we can have a successful business. She is a Gold Mine!!! Thank you Andrea.”

Alana B.

Janae FL with Andrea Welch“I’ve been through a lot of classes during my career, and this training with Andrea was so inspiring. Her teaching – listening – and communication skills were unbelievable. If she told us she would talk to us about a subject or show us something she always followed thru. My employees were so satisfied and totally energized with what they were learning. There was a lot to learn and we feel we did real good with Andrea guiding us thru the whole process. Thanks for a great experience Andrea…”

Barbara G.

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell Andrea what she has done for my business. I have been training and working with her very closely on different ways I can market my business, which has improved sales tremendously. Not only has she shown and trained me how important little details on how to wrap someone to get better inch loss but because of her dedication in training us has motivated me to grow my business. I firmly believe Andrea has been a huge part of my success in my business, I would recommend Andrea to anyone wanting to take there business to another level. Thank you so very much Andrea. ”

Janet C.

“Very informative and knowledgeable! Thank you Andrea for giving me the confidence about my abilities and knowledge to open my own business with much less worry.”

Kathy Wirtz, FL

“Your practical knowledge and experience that you are able to convey in a very understandable way and the theory behind everything is so valuable. I knew I was going to succeed before training, but now I have all the tools I need thanks to you. Your tips are priceless.”

Pamela Meier, San Diego, CA

“Andrea is a treasure.  She is so patient and instinctive on what you need at the time.  She knows her material from every aspect including running a spa, which was invaluable to me.  She is a wealth of information. She is our greatest cheerleader!!! I know I will be successful thanks to the tools, input and information gotten from Andrea.”

Patricia Meier, San Diego, CA

“Being a little on the quiet side, I find being surrounded with strangers uncomfortable.  Andrea, you made me feel like an old best friend and gave me the confidence I didn’t think I had to open my business. Things are going good.  And thank you for always answering my calls with all of the endless questions I seem to have.  I can do this because of your help.  Love,”

Gina Jesuroga, CO

“When I got to training two weeks ago, I thought this was too much, I can’t do this! However, you showed me the way with your patience and sharing all of your knowledge.  You are an outstanding teacher…you even had me understand the math 😀 I feel good going home and starting my business.  So again, thank you.”

Renee Comeaux

“Andrea you helped me a lot! I was very excited to learn your advanced techniques and using them on my clients.  It was so helpful to learn more about the supplements.  Thank you.”

Cinda Lyons, Visual Impact, IA

“It was such an honor to have had you as my trainer for body wrapping, how to do business, how to treat clients and how to run a shop.  You are a great asset with your friendly and knowledgeable ways of teaching and your helpful and friendly attitude.  Thank you so much for everything.”

Afsi Naim, Los Angeles, CA ’04

“Andrea you helped me a lot! I was very excited to learn your advanced techniques and using them on my clients.  It was so helpful to learn more about the supplements.  Thank you.”

Cinda Lyons, Visual Impact, IA

“Andrea you are Super!  Your motivation and enthusiasm is contagious.  I look forward to seeing the results from all the improvements.  I would recommend you to anybody wanting training or even to boost employee enthusiasm.”

Don Novak, Visual Impact, IA ’03


It was my pleasure!  I am only a phone call or email away if you ever need me.  BIG HUG!

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