Do Body Wraps Work?

That has been the on-going and much debated question for years.  I have been in the body wrap industry for two decades now and every day I still get asked that question:  “Do body wraps work?”  My answer to that question every time is an unequivocal, YES!

That is probably the question you have and is why you have found me here.  So you too can have that question answered for yourself:  Do body wraps work? And put an end to the research and finally make that leap of faith, armed with the knowledge you will find here, and Get Wrapped!

When I first heard about body wraps back in 1999, I was the perfect candidate to give them a go.  I had four children, didn’t exercise outside of running around for and with my children, I ate alright but not good enough to keep the extra pounds off that were starting to pack around my hips, thighs and midsection and I was always looking for a “quick fix” to help me to look and feel better, which would fit within my time constraints of taking care of my family.  You know, we always have a tendency to take care of ourselves last, don’t we?

Now I am not saying that body wraps are only for women because that would be an understatement.  More and more men are flocking into shops all across the country to help with those things around the midsection known as “love handles.”  Love them, they don’t!

With my first wrap I was promised to suddenly look slender in a matter of an hour and better yet it wouldn’t come back.  Guess what I was thinking?  You got it…whatever!  So over the years I have learned quite a bit; in fact, many would consider me The Body Wrap Expert, but we will get into more about that later.

Before we go into any further about me and my experience with body wrapping over the years (and boy oh boy have I got stories to tell you!), let’s talk a bit about body wraps themselves.

Body Wrapping and A BLAST FROM THE PAST

There are a few companies out there touting that they “invented” body wraps or body wrapping.  WHAT?!  Are you kidding me?  Body wraps have been around for eons of years.  In fact, body wrapping dates all the way back to Egypt.  Heck, they even wrapped the dead to keep the body in shape for the afterlife.

If you do any research at all, you will find out that Cleopatra was way ahead of her time and understood the power of detox and of compression (not to mention all of her other beauty inventions).

Now getting rid of fat like a lot of the body wrap manufacturers and even salons and spas claim…well, that is a whole other story.  I will give you a hint though about weight loss body wraps. In all of the years I have been body wrapping (NOTE:  I have personally wrapped over 5,000+ clients over the years.) no one has ever lost “fat” weight due to compression wrapping.  But and this is a big but…no pun intended…you can lose some excess weight due to water retention and a toxic body or as you have probably heard, toxin overload.

Compression wraps (applying elastic bandages firmly over the body) and the products that are applied to the body or which are soaked into the wraps,  is what helps with this process of looking slimmer after a body wrap, and with good reason.

Have you ever had a sprained ankle or a pulled tendon and your ankle and foot were swollen or maybe even had edema in the lower leg?  Ok, will I bet you that your doctor recommended that you wrapped your swelled area starting at the foot and work your way up with some elastic bandages to help force the excess water to flush out of your body; and if you have ever worn a girdle (oooopps, showing my age!) you will see that once you take it off at the end of the day, your body stills maintains a smaller silhouette for a short period of time.  Hence the beauty of compression!

“Old school” even touts wearing compression garments right pregnancy to help hold or compress that extra skin so it tightens up quicker and you can regain your pre-pregnancy size quicker.

Body Wraps – Today’s Favorite Beauty Treatment

Body wrapping has become of one of the most profitable sectors of their business and is the hottest “all natural” cosmetic tool in their business’ arsenal.  So, of course, salons and spas all over the country are now offering body wraps on their service menus.

Due to the get skinny right now craze and the people looking for more natural ways to achieve a smaller body, people more and more are asking, “Do body wraps work?” So whether you are someone looking to find where to try a body wrap or are looking to offer this wonderful service to your clients; that is a great question.  After all, nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on something that will not produce results.

Which by the way, is totally funny since if you are anything like me, your linen closet, bathroom cabinets and even purse is probably housing a ton of products that you thought would work when you bought them and have promised fabulous, if now miracle results.  Hey, some will, some won’t and some work better for others than they will for you and vice versa…so what?

Yes, SO WHAT!   Remember, not everyone follows the directions that come with that product or service and they are probably over expecting so, therefore, that particular product is under-delivering.  Come on, I know you have done that too.  And it is no different with body wraps.  So knowing what to expect and having realistic expectations is the key to body wraps working for you. Which why some people do not think body wraps work; because they are the wrong expectations.

And yet everyone keeps asking:  Do body wraps work…do body wraps really work? Yes, and and depending on which type you choose, they work in different manners and with a bit different results.  So as a consumer you need to know what to expect from a body wrap and as a body wrap provider, you need to explain the service to your clients in a way they will respect you for telling them the truth about the service and will be happy with the results that are delivered.

As a side note: in this industry there are body wraps and body treatments and they are considered as separate services.  Yes, I know…even though body wraps are considered body treatments, a body treatment is not necessarily a body wrap.

OK with that being said, throughout this site you will find me talking about, suggesting and reviewing products, services and even answering questions from people all over the world that have asked me about body treatments, body wrapping, body wraps and “Do Body Wraps Work?”

If you are here searching and trying to decide whether to fork out about a hundred dollars and up for a body wrap at your local salon or spa, or if you are a business owner looking to add another service to your business and are considering body wrapping, then you have come to the right site.

Rest assured that I have probably purchased and tried all of the body wraps and treatments (even the ones that give you the “at home recipes”) on the market.  Why?…you ask.  Because I LOVE BODY WRAPS and I am happy to pass on what I have learned to you.

Now go ahead and leave me a comment about your experience with body wraps and whether or not you are a believer.

BUT FIRST watch this video….See Tyra lose 9.25 inches.  I wrapped Maria and she lost 17.4 inches overall and got into her dress.


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the information you provided on your website,

    Here are my questions:
    What is the difference between the body wrap you showed in the youtube video, and a body blanket? In other words, are the results different between the two methods?

    I know that the body blanket is just that, a blanket, but do both techniques accomplish similar goals?

    Does one need to be certified or licensed to operate a body wrap/body blanket business?

    What’s the best way to start my own body blanket business?

    Thank you for your response.


    • Hi Papi,

      Thank you for the compliment.

      The body wrap is an all natural mineral wrap which results in inch loss and detoxification. The body blanket is an infrared blanket and infrared is used for detoxification and weight loss.

      Each of these types of treatments, body wrap and infrared blanket both can accomplish the same things but do it in a different manner. They can each be used on their own, but when combined as a program will deliver faster results to the client.

      About the license…all states are different so you will need to check with your local Department of Regulations. Florida is the only state as of this writing that requires a 12 Hour Body Wrap Certification Course…which I am certified to provide if you live in FL.

      Please email me directly at and request a copy of my report “Unlock the Secrets to Making it Big in the Beauty Industry.” This may help you in starting your business on the right track.

      I will be happy to help you in any way I can. If you would like to chat, call me at 630-343-9730.

      I wish you the best of success.


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